year-end #6

Mi Ami - African Rhythms 12" (White Denim)
a triumphant release of propulsive damaged punk-clatter, funky squall and glazed dub. seeing as this band has a few members who used to be in Black Eyes, this is a glorious postscript and exciting new beginning, as the songs here begin to capitalize on the promise first heard from their former band. their other 12" from this year, Ark of the Covenant, was very strong as well, but for me African Rhythms takes the cake. totally stoked for the upcomming full length on Quarterstick next year.

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton (Post Present Medium)
corroded surf jams of the highest caliber. maybe repeats itself a little bit, fine, but everything here is enjoyably woozy and discordant while still having bright hooky melodies and muscly drumming. a total cali blast.

Arch M - Mountain Tan Commercials (Kaleidoscope / Cavern)
without question the best on-purpose free-download of the year. a sort of virtual cassette, if you will. 7 tracks totaling 9 minutes, but in that brief time you will be whisked away to a lo-fi beach paradise with electric guitars being played in a nearby cave and clicking percussion around the bonfire at sunset. this is a precursor to a 12" supposedly due in the near future.
i am apparently very down with this surf / beach punk thing. it is nice.
download is available HERE. go get it!!!!

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