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madison zinefest 2011

madison zinefest 2011 swiftly approaches. i was at my practicum at beloit college, and all of these printouts were going to be used as scrap paper., which i thought was nonsense. so i rescued them, and maegan helped me turn them into a clutch of hand-colored / lettered / drawn flyers. no two are the same. i like them.
now they are up around campus, again, thanks to maegan. exclusive. limited ed. holy cow.

zinefest itself is this saturday, the 22nd. find some info here. and here too.

the evening before, on the 21st, there will be an excellent event at project lodge. john porcellino speaking, a ton of rad guys from chicago playing synth jams. it'll be a strange two-headed monster. will i be hoisted by my own petard? come and see! info for that is here.

no zines or minicomics or tapes from me at zinefest, which bums me out. grad school is a killer. i am going to try to make time next semester / over break, make up lost ground.


i don't even care

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