dried out marker


inspiration II



credit: west moon studios


do the kids like tape hiss?

i see these dusty old boxes at the elementary schools i sub at sometimes. they have 8 jacks for pairs of headphones so kids can listen to a tape or something at the same time. some of them seem like they are still used regularly, others are tucked away and seem to be rather neglected. i find something weirdly charming about them, and i would like to collect a bunch and do a thing with them but i don't really have the beginning of an idea of what i'd do.

i'd ask if i could take them but they don't really belong to the teachers, they belong to the school. oh well.


west african masquerade

so i saw a selection of these photos in madison at the chazen. superlative x100.

West African Masquerade:
Photographs by Phyllis Galembo

more here. do yourself a favor and take a look.


"i'm twelve...more or less."

if you're tired of all this Twilight nonsense, this is the solution.