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so should this just be an anime gif tumblr now?


music 2011


-peaking lights, 936
-africa hitech, 93 million milesout in the streets (vip) 
-rene hell, the terminal symphony
-wet hair, in vogue spirit 
-oneohtrix point never, replica
-prurient, bermuda draintime's arrow 
-pete swanson, man with potential
-perfume, jpn
-1958-2009, 1958-2009 (lp)

reissues / repackagings / discoveries / unearthings

-roberto cacciapaglia, the ann steel album
-ghostwriters, objects in mirrors are closer than they appearmusic from no man's land
-the other people place, lifestyles of the laptop cafe
-the other people place / mystic tribe a.i., sunday night live at the laptop cafe
-various artists, play that beat mr. raja: selected oddities from the tamil film industry (1984 - 1991)
-sohail rana, khyber mail 
-william onyeabor, anything you sow

eps / tapes / singles / downloads

-jeff grace, meek's cutoff original score
-lucky dragons, shape tape 
-cuffs, 4 track demos 
-tin man, acid test 01 
-sfv acid, new west coast 
-ceephax acid crew, the unstoppable phax machine
-dmx krew, that was harder than i expected
-kfw, regaining composure / negating freedom
-personable, human disco
-human hands, fatal horizon
-positive shadow tapes
-mark lord tapes
-dust / five mask / lady19 tapes & downloads
-cavelife / crushed velvet rope ladder labels


-takuya matsumoto, "jump rope music"
-session victim, "good intentions"
-cold cave, "confetti"
-lil b, "motivation"
-asap rocky, "peso"
-chymera, "ellipsis"
-g-side, "im sorry :("
-ital, "ital's theme"
-knee deep, "all about love"
-mount kimbie, "at least (instra:mental remix)"
and all the k/j-pop tracks from a few posts ago. seriously, check those out, they are all incredible.





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madison zinefest 2011

madison zinefest 2011 swiftly approaches. i was at my practicum at beloit college, and all of these printouts were going to be used as scrap paper., which i thought was nonsense. so i rescued them, and maegan helped me turn them into a clutch of hand-colored / lettered / drawn flyers. no two are the same. i like them.
now they are up around campus, again, thanks to maegan. exclusive. limited ed. holy cow.

zinefest itself is this saturday, the 22nd. find some info here. and here too.

the evening before, on the 21st, there will be an excellent event at project lodge. john porcellino speaking, a ton of rad guys from chicago playing synth jams. it'll be a strange two-headed monster. will i be hoisted by my own petard? come and see! info for that is here.

no zines or minicomics or tapes from me at zinefest, which bums me out. grad school is a killer. i am going to try to make time next semester / over break, make up lost ground.


i don't even care

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holy cow...

"Winsor McCay spoke the saddest and greatest last words of any cartoonist. (Number two is Osamu Tezuka: “I’m begging you, let me work!”) McCay lived to draw; his greatest fear, he often said, was of losing that ability. On a July evening in 1934, the 65-year-old cartoonist called downstairs to his wife, “It’s gone, Mother! Gone, gone, gone!” He had just suffered a stroke that paralyzed his right side. Shortly afterwards, he suffered a second stroke, from which he never recovered."

from the hooded utilitarian poll of greatest comics ever

beautiful and haunting last words on both accounts. beautiful in the sense that these guys loved their work with all their hearts, haunting in the sense that death meant the end of their joy in creation. i sort of wish i had that kind of dedication to a craft, but i am also thankful that my brain is not that obsessive.

i've been thinking of starting a tumblr. should i do that?


this place is full of cobwebs

music for free on purpose from two of the best in the game.  continue sharing, spread far as well as wide.

mark lord, i'm closer thousand

five mask,  zero go / network glass

want to post more, always busy.  working on class and madison zinefest 2011, want to have a minicomic done before then.  don't even know what it will be about.  also want to record more music.  i can do anything i want.  shouting into a void.  global stress.






"well, henry, the brain is the sexiest part of the body"

at all times, and in all places, it should be remembered that wonder showzen is one of the best things.


"my time"



"In a way, I wonder, why should I bother to invent new characters and situations when I can just steal from the masters and get 2500 years of history and gravity thrown in for nothing? And the thing is, I’m as likely as not to be stealing from them accidentally anyway, so why not just surrender and accept my fate?"

great, substantial interview with anders nilsen over at the nashville review.  looking forward to grabbing my copy of the collected big questions. 


"dream line up"

by johnny ryan


no time to post regularly...

...but there is time to watch videos.