year-end #4

DJ Scotch Egg - Drumized (Load)
a big step in chiptune's evolution into something legitimate, something that is not just a gimmick. for all of its franticness Drumized hangs together really well. live drums lend an appealingly free-jazz-ish vibe to some songs, and there is a take on stoner metal that is stupendous in its thickness. really unique for a genre that typically ends up repeating itself and a genuinely fun listen.

DJ Donna Summer - Panther Tracks (Cock Rock Disco)
14-year old me would have thought this was the best record ever. non-stop fist-pumping hyperactive rave blasts, totally without pretension, totally balls to the wall, totally made with love. massive.

Clark - Turning Dragon (Warp)
after the deeply textural, rich, and personal-feeling Body Riddle (2006), clark came a bit out of nowhere and surprised with this, a sort of take on techno dragged through industrial muck. consistently dense and inky and at times flat-out thrilling, this is what dance music might be after the fallout.

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