averted doom



If I could think of an epitaph, it would go something like...

Scout Heindel
A most agreeable dog.

Rest easy.



i can't stand the quality of these scans. is it my scanner? i think i should just take pictures of my sketchbook from now on. i mean, goddamn.


77 Boadrum

I wanted to post a different video of this but it didn't fit right or something.

Anyway, this is an almost identical and still great video of the 77 Boadrum event this past July, probably the raddest music-related happening of the year. Still quite impressive.


So, I just watched the movie "Tron" for the first time in God knows how long, and for all its relentless hamminess and incomprehensible plot points, it's a pretty entertaining film.

To be sure it is a visually distinct film and as far as I know there's nothing else that really looks like it. No movies look like this today because they don't have to. Without any real limits in regards to how realistic computer imaging can be, there's no need to actually "design" visual effects anymore. But I suppose no one is interested in creating a movie that essentially relies on the technology of the time for its plot. Makes sense I guess.

Perhaps Jeff Bridges' best role next to The Dude.

Oh, and this is a great excuse to show you this:
My eyes itch like hell. 'Night.

(I swear I'll post drawings soon.)