jpn: three

so, if you haven't been to japan, you should prrrrrrobably go, especially if you have excellent people to show you around (in this case, yun & andy / yu & ikuko). also, now i can kind of tell you about stuff to see (in tokyo at least).

jpn: two

jpn: one

more soon...


buenaventura press closes...

just read the sad news that buenaventura press had to shut down due to inclement financial conditions (i suppose that's always the case).

buenaventura was one of the most ambitious and promising publishing ventures in the comics industry. they've released some remarkable work in their few working years, certainly some of the best comics of the past decade. though one cannot expect that any publisher will share alvin's precise curatorial vision, perhaps current or new publishers will step up to the plate and keep releasing exciting work that exists along the same lines.

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art show this friday (6/4/10)

i have an art show opening this saturday. old stuff, new stuff, comics, those one-of-a-kind tapes i've been posting, plus some snacks, drinks, and me pretending to be a DJ (playing some favorite tunes (from a playlist)). should be a good time.

the vitals:

7 - 9 PM
Good Style Shop
402 E Washington Ave. (@ Hancock St.)
Madison, WI

let's do it!