anticipating a thing...

head to the guy's myspace and get familiar.


traveling to see things

a few weekends ago we went to the opening reception for anders nilsen's art show at home gallery in chicago. it was a really great setting for the show, and it was nice to get up close with his meticulous work. also, anders was giving away a new pamphlet mini-comic. for free!

and this past weekend we went back to iowa to attend our friend sarah henson's senior thesis exhibition reception. i think i safely speak for both myself and maegan when i say we were really happy to be there and to see sarah's work come together in a really thoughtful, warm way.




slow times

i hate feeling like i'm posting dregs but i've gotta do it, i've gotta do something.

gotta gotta gotta


posting just to post

inspiration VI (b)


inspiration VI

your public schools