year-end #3


Food For Animals - Belly (Hoss)
my favorite hip-hop record of the year (followed closely by The Bake Sale). distorted, steam-powered, molar-rattlingly heavy production and fiery, aggressive raps. what else do you need? top shelf explosions from b-more that smear some much-needed grime all over that scene.

Paavoharju - Laulu Laakson Kukista (Fonal)
it's pretty amazing when a group can wear so many influences on their sleeve while developing a sound that's totally their own. paavoharju does it. on many albums interlude tracks are kinda throwaway sketches. on Laulu, they serve to stitch the fabric of the album into a cohesive entireity, leading from one dream sequence to the next.

Lucky Dragons - Dream Island Laughing Language (Marriage)
many short melodic bursts make up a compelling, joyous whole on Dream Island Laughing Language. the album feels more focused and more expansive than prior lucky dragons releases. tunes for hippies from the distant future.

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