2010: two


Tennis - Baltimore (Underwater Peoples)

Balam Acab - See Birds (Tri Angle)

the only exponent of this whole drag / witch house thing that is actually musically interesting (Salem can jump in a ditch. there, i said it.).

Pale Blue Sky - Shades of Grey (Arbor)

Peaking Lights - Space Primitive (Night People)

there was a version of this on tape too but the vinyl just looks so good (way better than the tape).




Baronic Wall - Traditional Appearance (Goaty Tapes)

jack is already on an entirely different plane from most human beings, and this (along with the Compass Rose tape on Ekhein from this year) is evidence that he is inching ever closer to something really transcendent. melted sci-fi blues bent around in funhouse mirrors. literally unlike any other music being made right now.

everything on Ekhein

everything on Agents of Chaos

just about everything on Jugular Forest

Copper Glove - Dead Space / No Power (Monorail Trespassing)

Perispirit - Abysmal Penetrations (Hospital Productions)

Lussuria - Silk and Honey (Hospital Productions)




Bogdan Raczynski - Mix #2

the mixing itself isn't perfect, but that's part of what makes this thing so endearing. lands on plenty of touchstones from the past year but keeps things interesting with disco, reggae, and acid curveballs. dude's personality comes through, for sure.

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