2010: one

year end music list time.

some favorite tracks / singles from this past year (not all necessarily released this year)(now with links (where available / applicable)):

Andrea - "Retail Juke"

it figures that now that juke and footwork is worming into the dubstep crowd, the one footwork-type track i really like is not from chicago at all. it is so good though. "You Still Got Me," from earlier in the year, is also a winner.

Nicolas Makelberge - "Dying In Africa (Games Edit)"

a slowed version of this opens up a bleary-eyed mix from games, and it's elegant. the build at the midpoint is killer. usually a simple slow-down edit doesn't mean much to me, but it really works here. the normal-speed original is ace too.

Games - "Midi Drift"

hey, speaking of games...

Ellen Allien - "Pump"

her full length this year didn't do the trick for me but this track hits all the right notes and pulses in all the right places.

Baobinga & Cosmin TRG - "I Get Ruff"

Joe - "Claptrap" and
"Level Crossing"

these took a while to grow on me, as i don't typically care for tracks that are essentially just percussion, but the grooves landed on in both tracks are kind of impossible to turn down.

Kyle Hall - "Kaychunk" and "You Know What I Feel"

Richard Wagner - "Vorspiel" from Das Rheingold

Deerhunter - "Helicopter"

Space Opera - "Holy River" and "Over and Over"

Lone - "Pineapple Crush"

1958 - 2009 - II, Side B

yeah that does it for this part. if i have to think about whether or not i should include something too much, i probably shouldn't (and i should probably also get a life).

more soon.

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