"Everybody wants some...!"

So I finally got another minicomic finished. It's about Van Halen. I have this many to offer to the people of planet earth:
That's about 99-ish (one is already packed and ready to be sent out). The production quality is elementary school level, but that's why I'm giving them away for free.

Yes. Free.

I suppose friends and family will get most copies (whether they like it or not), but if you're some weird wandering wanderer who wants one, let me know and I'll see if my supplies aren't drained.

While on the subject of Van Halen: I recommend listening to Tim Hecker's "My Love Is Rotten To The Core" EP, which is a pretty great examination of the Van Halen mythos. Hecker takes samples of Van Halen songs and stretches them into mountainous drones and walls of static. He also utilizes audio from interviews and concert banter. The result is sort of an impressionistic narrative of the interpersonal tension and eventual fracture between David Lee Roth and the rest of the band. Weirdly dark, but I like it a lot. More info is here.

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annie h. said...

whoa, great job minicomic-ing! i'd love one, if you wouldn't mind! my e-mail's harrigan@ku.edu, hit me up with the deetz