better than eating. better than paying off loans.

I've noticed on the few message boards I troll that there seems to be a great deal of hyperbole slung about in regards to albums that get leaked. This applies to the likes of Sigur Rós, Lindstrøm, Deerhunter, Women, and most recently, Okkervil River. Not even a week after these albums make their way to listeners, and weeks, even months before their legitimate release, these albums are being called best of the year, best of that particular artist / band's body of work, best of their genre, etc. I don't know if people are just thirsting for new music so much that they just ache to hear something that tops the older thing.

Am I letting the manic opinions of 13 year old don't-know-anythings and the maddeningly self-assured opinions of 20-something know-it-alls get to me?

Could be.

Should probably stop reading message boards.

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