On the Horizon

2007 has drawn to a close (at least music wise. face it, it's over). Here's some of the stuff I'm excited to hear in the coming year. Now, a few of these have already leaked and I have already heard them, but this list is just in regards to things that will be officially released in physical form in 2008.
  • Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel (Kranky)
  • Xiu Xiu - Women as Lovers (Kill Rock Stars)
  • Why? - Alopecia (Anticon / Tomlab)
  • The Mae Shi - HLLYH (Moshi Moshi / Team Shi)
  • The Chap - Mega Breakfast (Lo Recordings / Ghostly)
  • Hot Chip - Made in the Dark (Astralwerks)
  • Evangelicals - The Evening Descends (Dead Oceans)
  • Boris - Smile (Southern Lord)
  • Panther - 14K God (Kill Rock Stars)
  • Parenthetical Girls - Entanglements (Slender Means Society (presumably))
  • Final Fantasy - Heartland (Tomlab (presumably))
  • Beach House - Devotion (Carpark)
  • Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - #4 (Labrador (presumably))
  • Clark - Turning Dragon (Warp)
  • Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight (Darla)
  • DJ Donna Summer (Jason Forrest) - Panther Tracks (Cock Rock Disco)
  • Ben Benjamin (ex-Midwest Product) - The Many Moods of Ben Benjamin Vol. 1 (Ghostly)
(I think the Ben Benjamin record was just released the other day, but I haven't heard it yet...so I count it as something from next year. Makes sense, amirite?)

Things are shaping up nicely already!

Oh, and I just wanted to get this off my chest: I will freely admit that seeing Girl Talk this year was phenomenal. A really great experience with friends. But I am getting really annoyed by the whole Girl Talk / Dan Deacon "enforced fun" thing going on at their shows. It seems like the vibe is "you'd damn well better have the greatest fucking experience of your life and be willing to be tossed about in a sea of humanity or don't even show up because no one will like you." I hope that this vibe sort of fades in the coming year. Also, hows does a much-talked about live show translate into a great album? One does not equal the other, y'all.

That was me being cranky. Now I'm finished.

So this concludes the whole music listing ordeal for this year. Thanks to the invisible few who have been visiting and taking interest in my opinions. That's nice of you.

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