11/06 - 2/12

headlockmanufactory is dead. long live headlockmanufactory.

for reasons i myself do not fully comprehend, i feel like i have outgrown this, my blog of over six years. it seems that i have submitted to the urge to "reblog" in addition to posting my own stuff, and blogger just isn't the best for reblogging. so i've created a tumblr, which you can find here:


i started things off by reposting some things i've liked recently. expect more stuff like that, plus hopefully occasional drawings and stuff of my own, as well as possibly posts relating to my impending / already-here profession of librarianship.

i'll just leave this blog standing here idle for "archival" purposes i suppose.

if you've been following this for any amount of time out there in the sightless anonymous electro-void, thanks. i won't be hard to find.

hold tight to nothing.


1 comment:

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