music 2011


-peaking lights, 936
-africa hitech, 93 million milesout in the streets (vip) 
-rene hell, the terminal symphony
-wet hair, in vogue spirit 
-oneohtrix point never, replica
-prurient, bermuda draintime's arrow 
-pete swanson, man with potential
-perfume, jpn
-1958-2009, 1958-2009 (lp)

reissues / repackagings / discoveries / unearthings

-roberto cacciapaglia, the ann steel album
-ghostwriters, objects in mirrors are closer than they appearmusic from no man's land
-the other people place, lifestyles of the laptop cafe
-the other people place / mystic tribe a.i., sunday night live at the laptop cafe
-various artists, play that beat mr. raja: selected oddities from the tamil film industry (1984 - 1991)
-sohail rana, khyber mail 
-william onyeabor, anything you sow

eps / tapes / singles / downloads

-jeff grace, meek's cutoff original score
-lucky dragons, shape tape 
-cuffs, 4 track demos 
-tin man, acid test 01 
-sfv acid, new west coast 
-ceephax acid crew, the unstoppable phax machine
-dmx krew, that was harder than i expected
-kfw, regaining composure / negating freedom
-personable, human disco
-human hands, fatal horizon
-positive shadow tapes
-mark lord tapes
-dust / five mask / lady19 tapes & downloads
-cavelife / crushed velvet rope ladder labels


-takuya matsumoto, "jump rope music"
-session victim, "good intentions"
-cold cave, "confetti"
-lil b, "motivation"
-asap rocky, "peso"
-chymera, "ellipsis"
-g-side, "im sorry :("
-ital, "ital's theme"
-knee deep, "all about love"
-mount kimbie, "at least (instra:mental remix)"
and all the k/j-pop tracks from a few posts ago. seriously, check those out, they are all incredible.

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