2009: five

...and more things i liked.

Real Estate 7"s, CDR and EP

an astonishingly strong batch of straightforward back porch rock n roll tunes. the mixes / recording quality of the songs on the 7"s and tour CDR just feel more vital and alive than the versions found on the full-length. the Reality EP is a solid cap to a big year for a great band. really good live show too.

Modern Love (and related)

it has been fun following the Modern Love stable this year and catching up on some of the better things i've missed. Move D, MLZ, Claro Intelecto, Andy Stott, Pendle Coven, Millie & Andrea and HATE...a really, really strong lineup (just nevermind Demdike Stare). always tuneful, often very deep, and regularly bringing a warm (but never overbearing) sense of nostalgia. get familiar here.

Peaking Lights / Indra Dunis & Aaron Coyes / Good Style Shop

a great band made up of two great people who run a great store in the great city of madison. expect continued greatness in the near future. check them out here or here or track them down on facebook.


really got into Ceephax earlier this year. what Andy is doing right now is by and large more fun and more listenable than what his brother Tom (Squarepusher) is up to (although Numbers Lucent was quite good). looking forward to United Acid Emirates next year. visit him here.

Fripp & Eno

man are those albums good.

this scene from Dark Star:


and i think that'll wrap things up for this year. if you have any thoughts or favorites you'd like to share please do.

i'll talk about the decade in a little while, i need to organize my thoughts a bit.

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