junk i have that no one wants

craigslist is no help, too lazy to post it all on ebay. groan.


shanti said...

i know someone who will probably want that bone action figure.

i know someone who will probably want to bone that action figure.

shanti said...

update: he definitely wants it. get at me.

kelly said...

i'll take the tennis racket!!!
i've been wanting to play!

Smarty said...

cool rug

jf said...

nobody wants some stupid alternate bone.

Matt said...

well, joke's on you, suck-o! i just mailed that figure out a few days ago! haw! (shanti, pay me! you know, whenever!)

also, stephanie, you want that rug? because i want to be the hell rid of it.

this is apparently my most successful post ever, judging by number of comments alone. hooray!