mom and dad thought it was a good idea...

one of the few (very few) perks of my temp job is that i occasionally come across fantastic names that i couldn't have dreamt up. i want to use these for character names or something. if i were to actually create fictional characters. here are some of them:

Markvard Hauerbach
Halcyon Stewartson
Daniel Island
Glenn Birth
Tiajuana Raggs
James Turnipseed
Genial Heist

a great trio:
Magdalen Piano, Martin Melody, & Virgie Musick

an even better pair:
Seymour Cash & Bobby Dollar

also, there are some places with goofy names too. like:
Soddy Daisy, TN
Cowpens, SC

and so on.


annie h. said...

whew, dude! these are great.

Stephanie said...

at my work i came across the name "Flavius Dodge"